About us

We provide you the right wool from the right origin.

We’re leading international wool suppliers specialized to supply to textile industry the excellence in all qualities of wools. Over the past we provide strong relations with our customers in order to provide them the quality of raw material needed. For all your wool need you can contact us thru our email address.



We provide Wooltops from 19-30 Mic. They’re suitable for various systems. We supply wooltops for fine worsted yarns to coarse hand knitting yarns.


Scoured Wool

Our Scoured wool also goes from 19-30 Mic. We supply wool to make tops and yarn in different lenghts.


Contact us

Our address: Bucuresti, str. Lt.Victor Manu nr.36, bl.C2, sc.B, ap.7, Sector 2

Our email: [email protected]